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It's not always easy to live our


Every being has a dharma, a unique expression of Self that illuminates our world. Yet we can experience significant obstacles that stifle inner clarity and access to our limitless potential. Dharmawake is designed to inspire the deepening of practices that support us to heal and thrive holistically. 

Through the core modalities of Thai Yoga Therapy, Hatha Yoga and Nature Reconnection, Dharmawake is a resource for traditional wisdom within our modern world. The dharma of its founder, Elizabeth Gross, is to ignite passion for conscious living that supports and sustains life. 

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Schedule of Events

Retreats trainings

Yoga is a practice of meditation in motion. By engaging in techniques for Self connection such as pranayama (breath work) and asana (posture), we support ourselves to drop into our own awakening process. I'm excited to lead several events this year that share and explore skills for balance, healing and transformation by way of Yoga practice.


Private integrative Thai Yoga therapeutic Sessions 


mid hudson valley + NYC


About Elizabeth

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as life unfolds

ally with the unfolding 

I was born and raised in Queens New York, a mecca of cultural diversity that strongly influenced my interest in world teachings. When I moved to Upstate New York to pursue education in Women and Gender Studies, I retreated into the breathtaking landscape to heal as part of, and in reverence to, the natural world. My practice is inspired by my time spent in nature and education in cultural studies, yoga and somatic systems for over a decade. My core skillset it based upon my trainings from both the SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine: Thai Yoga Center in Traditional and Indigenous Thai medicine, and Embodied Flow, a system of movement arts created by Master teachers Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons. My experience leading classes, workshops and trainings in Hatha and Thai Yoga and commitment to life studentship in the field fuels my passion in sharing these practices throughout the world. 



Embodied Flow™ Yoga

Embodied Flow draws upon various hatha yoga, tantric philosophy and somatic movement systems to experience yoga as a living art form. The practice empowers its students to be their own greatest teacher as they expand, integrate and facilitate awareness in the relationship of body and mind.

SomaVeda® Integrated Thai Yoga therapy

SomaVeda® is healing arts system based on Traditional Thai medicine, rooted in the principles of Buddhism and Ayurveda. This ancient practice is fused with modern techniques for physical, emotional and energetic healing, forming a dynamic and comprehensive approach to wellness.


Earth Skills Education

As both a year-round instructor for Wild Earth Wilderness Education School and a core member of Deer Creek Collective, I facilitate nature based programming for all ages that supports awareness and connection with the natural world. My skill set is focused in mediative plant based craftwork and folk herbalism.

I have worked regularly with Elizabeth for some time now receiving her Thai Yoga Therapy. Her beautiful, heartfelt approach to healing, coupled with her amazingly extensive knowledge of the craft has changed my life. Her work opens me up to both embody and hold a higher frequency in my day-to-day life. Thank you, Elizabeth!
— Rob Norris, musician and healer
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