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NURTURING embodiment for women

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medicinal[s] /məˈdisənlˈs:

(of a substance or plant) having healing properties.

As a child I often longed to be somewhere else than where I was, yet I didn't know what or where I wanted to be. When I moved to the Mid Hudson Valley fourteen years ago, I felt like I finally came home. I slipped into the beauty of its natural environment and felt nestled by its support. I began to establish a relationship with plants as my allies, helping me along the journey into a deep appreciation for my body: the true home I had been seeking all of my life.

The tale of a Selkie is a similar lore. Shape shifters of the English Isles, Selkie's can slip in and out of their skin. Within their true skin, they are seals of the water world... when out, they become humans of the material world. If someone takes away their skin without their permission, such as a lover, they may still survive, but they become part of a world other than than of their true home. As long as they are within the material world, they will always feel a longing for more connection... for more truth. When they come to reclaim their skin from those who have taken it away, they come fully home.
Without knowing it consciously, we slip out of ourselves and wonder where we have gone. The more we embody ourselves, reclaiming and resting within our own skin... the more we may land in our true home: the vehicle of awakening that is our body.


herbal body care for women

Utilizing traditional therapies such as herbal steam compress and herbal body oiling, as well as techniques derived from the somatic and hatha yoga movement arts, women, trans and non-binary folks with vulvas can connect deeply to their bodies through receiving support to nurture the breasts, pelvis and abdomen as well as encourage lymphatic drainage and decongestion for whole body health.


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Today I have tools to reach for when I feel that panic and anxiety and uncertainty in life. After a session with Elizabeth, my mind feels clearer and my heart is much more open and ultimately I can reset and begin again. It’s not easy, this self care stuff and having Elizabeth as a guide and a teacher has proven itself to be an extraordinary journey. This beautiful soul holds me with an enormous amount of strength when I most need it. I am so thankful to her and proud of myself for continuing the work of looking after ME.
— Geraldine Hughes, Actress