creatrix: A female who brings forth or produces; a mother

elizabeth Gross 

founder / head creatrix


I was born and raised in Queens New York, a sea of cultural diversity that strongly influenced my interest in world teachings. I moved to Upstate New York for my college education, where I retreated into the breathtaking landscape to heal as part of, and in reverence to, the natural world. As I deepened my healing process, mending wounds of disordered patterns which haunted my inner landscape, yogic wisdom became my guide. 

My hatha yoga studies officially began in 2006 through the Ashtanga system, primarily with Michael Stein, former owner of Ashtanga Yoga in New Paltz, NY. I began training within the Embodied Flow™ system in 2015, a yogic system founded by Tara Judelle and Dr. Scott Lyons. Embodied Flow™ explores movement through fusion of somatic exploration, tantric philosophy and hatha yoga to experience yoga as a living art form.

An interest in holistic health and native healing arts led me to Yoga Therapy through the SomaVeda® College of Natural Medicine: Thai Yoga Center.  I make annual visits to the SomaVeda® College of Natural Medicine: Thai Yoga Center to continue my studies under Aachan Dr. Anthony James and senior teachers of the SomaVeda® system. I fuse my teaching of Embodied Flow™ with SomaVeda® Integrated Traditional Therapies to lead training and certification workshops, classes and retreats all over the world.

I served as a Wild Earth instructor for several years as a Wilderness Educator focused on wildcrafting and woodworking.

My private practice is focused on therapeutic programs for individuals seeking to deepen their connection to self through yogic wisdom and holistic healing. I strive to support development of holistic self care practices for clients with an emphasis on Thai Ayurveda and Western Herbalism. I gain constant inspiration from time spent in nature. Leading classes, workshops and trainings in movement education and commitment to life studentship in the field fuels my desire to continuously share these practices. I am dedicated to liberating the spirit which lies within each of us.


Elizabeth Gross BA/CATP/CTI/YT


  • 2011: Bachelor of Arts in Women & Gender Studies from SUNY New Paltz (BA)
  • 2011: Bachelor of Arts in Italian Cultural Studies from SUNY New Paltz (BA)
  • 2012: Ashtanga Yoga 200HR (YT)
  • 2015: SomaVeda® Certified Advanced Thai Yoga Practicioner (CATP)
  • 2015: SomaVeda® Certified Thai Yoga Instructor (CTI)
  • 2017: Herbal Intensive Graduate (Led by Dina Falconi)
  • 2017: Embodied Flow™ Yoga 300HR (YT)

Emma Elisabeth

selkie botanica assistant creatrix

Emma Elisabeth.jpg

My name is Emma Elisabeth and I’m the Selkie Botanica Assistant Alchemist Creatrix. Before transitioning into the assistant alchemist creatrix role for Selkie Botanica, I was Dharmwake's transcriptionist, infusing my love of language and writing into the Dharmawake mission. I’m a Flower Essence Therapist, Herbalist, and Reiki practitioner - but most of all, I’m a Healing Ally. 

Aside from supporting the Dharmawake vision, I run Matrix Of Amara Healing, my private healing practice devoted to physical, emotional and energetic liberation. You can find me immersed in the subtle energies of plants, steeped in the feminine mysteries over a mug of Rose tea, or honoring my sensitive nature through intuitive movement, journaling and self-reflection. My Dharma is to spread the ecstasy that comes from living a radically present life, close to the natural cycles and rhythms of Gaia. I seek to see myself and all others clearly, take that in as I reflect and support with plant-allies and deep inner listening, then extend the wisdom that comes from authentic self-knowing into the world for an embodied expression of Loving What Is.


emma elisabeth


  • 2014: 200 hr Certified Yoga Instructor through Frog Lotus Yoga
  • 2017: Member of the Flower Essence Society
  • 2017: Certified Flower Essence Practitioner through WomanRising
  • 2018: Reiki 1 Certified

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