Selkie Botanica:
radical self care products

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Selkie /ˈselkē/:

mythical creature embodying her true state (seal) in water but may assume other forms (human) on land.


Botanica /bəˈtänikə/:

A small store of crafted herbal and other traditional remedies for magical or spiritual purpose.


The Story

As a child I often longed to be somewhere else than where I was, yet I didn't know what or where I wanted to be. When I moved to the Mid Hudson Valley in my late teens, I felt like I finally came home. I slipped into an environment and felt nestled by support... by the beauty of the natural world. I began to establish a relationship with plants as my allies, helping me along the journey into a deep appreciation for my body: the true home I had been seeking all of my life.

The tale of a Selkie is a similar lore. Shape shifters of the English Isles, Selkie's can slip in and out of their skin. Within their true skin, they are seals of the water world... when out, they become humans of the material world. If someone takes away their skin without their permission, such as a lover, they may still survive, but they become part of a world other than than of their true home. As long as they are within the material world, they will always feel a longing for more connection... for more truth. When they come to reclaim their skin from those who have taken it away, they come fully home.
Without knowing it consciously, we slip out of ourselves and wonder where we have gone. The more we embody ourselves, reclaiming and resting within our own skin... the more we may land in our true home: the vehicle of awakening that is our body.

Selkie Botanica: Radical Self Care Products are traditional healing artworks for conscious modern living. All items are handcrafted and designed by Elizabeth Gross, in collaboration with talented local artists and craftsmyn, to support product beholders to rest within their own skin, utilizing practices steeped in traditional wisdom for self care. These products act as allies to your healing process and support its beholders to inhabit their own skin with clarity, confidence and sovereignty.

May you forever claim the skin you're in. May you rest within it fully.