Conscious Dying Program

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When one comes face to face with their mortality, there can be much fear that arises. Most of this fear is rooted in the unknown: how the process will unfold, expectations of pain that will arise, assumptions based on traumatic ways we have seen death unfold, and perceptions of inevitable loneliness during the transition, are all real issues that surface within our culturally unanimous experience of death. 

The truth is that the unknown is a great thing. All which we have come to know as beautiful was once unknown to us. 

Most of us don't realize that death is a necessary and always present component of life.

Winter is a shedding of the years fruition. All vital vegetables will eventually decompose. Savasana, also called corpse pose, is a yoga posture which helps us to let go of emotional, mental or physical patterns which surface throughout the yoga practice.

It is only when we fully allow ourselves to experience the process of death can we understand its role in the creation process.

After Winter, Spring is inevitable. Decomposing vegetables can regenerate into rich soil for garden growth. From savasana, we shift into fetal position: a pose of rebirth. 

If we take care of our dying process in a Certain Way: it will create the groundwork for rich life to unfold.

If we sow well prepared, fully dried seeds into the ground, they have a higher chance of germination in the Spring. Only if we turn our compost well can that waste transform into nutritious soil. Revitalization post Savasana comes if the practitioner is situated very comfortably for release.

We can work with and through our fears of death and approach the process in a conscious way: as a Rite of Passage.

Supportive guidance is a crucial component in the process of transforming of negative perceptions of death into opportunities for awakening.

This Dharmawake program is designed for private sessions either in NYC, the Mid Hudson Valley or Internationally within the comfort of your own home via Zoom. Any range of ableism is suitable for these programs, as its components, including SomaVeda® Thai Yoga, Guided Meditations, and Physical Imagery, are beneficial regardless of range in physical capacity or cognitive function. 

This programs mission is to reframe the process of death so it may be received as an illuminating experience.

All emotions and physical sensations are opportunities for healing and release. Through exercises that comfort the mind and ease the body, we can relate to death as a passageway into the complexity of life, rather than the culturally monopolized idea of how we should relate to it via fear and silencing. 

Why Choose Conscious Death

The loss of traditional wisdom that illuminates death as a Rite of Passage is a cultural epidemic. This widespread lack of wisdom results in much fear and lack of awareness of how to deal with the necessary changes we are faced with as our bodies prepare for death. 

Death is not a monopolized, blanketed experience we have to relate to from a place of terror. We may interpret it instead like the complex beauty of a flower: layered with texture, sensual stimulation, energetic pulsation, contraction and expansion. 


We can instill agency for what is possible: We can choose how we want to die.


And establishing choice of how we want to die, and using yogic technologies to align the body with that ultimate freedom, the process transforms from one of fear into one of illumination. 

This Program Includes

  • Two Private 90 Minute Sessions/Week

  • Weekly Guided Meditation Recordings to Quiet the Mind

  • Weekly Physical Imagery to Equate the Dying Process with Natural and Complex Beauty

  • SomaVeda® Thai Yoga to Comfort the Body (In-Person Sessions Only)

  • Inner Yoga Psychology to Process Emotions Related to the Dying Process

  • SomaVeda® Bio-Tapp (B.E.T.) Method to Release Negative Emotions and Support the Process of Letting Go


Program Framework Options


  • At Client Location in NYC or Mid Hudson Valley
  • In Private Practice (Kingston, NY)
  • Online



  • 14 Session / Twice Weekly
  • 7 Session / Twice Weekly

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