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Embodied Anatomy Series



You've got a steady yoga practice going. Congratulations! Now, relearn anatomy to bring your movement a greater depth of understanding. Building anatomical awareness will inform your yoga with a whole new perspective on how to think and feel inside your body. This series will make understanding your body accessible and engaging, so you can learn anatomy in a whole new way. We will practice integrating the information into asana practice. Understand the way your body works, and unlock freedom and ease of movement within your Body-Mind! 


Establish your awareness of three essential body systems: Skeletal, Organ and Endocrine. 


Most modern yoga instruction focus on external body cues, such as moving your limbs in various directions. Did you know that you could initiate movement from different layers of your body? Actually feeling the different parts of you can awaken so many aspects of who you are. This depth of exploration supports your yoga to be a practice of constant exploration and curiosity. 

Starting at the dense space of the Skeleton and moving inward to the Organs and Endocrine systems, discover how the container of your body and its contents are in relationship. Gaining a feeling of these relationships is key for an integrated, conscious and whole Body Mind.



the ORGANS: MAY 26, 2018 2-4PM


 Photo Credit: Leslie Kaminoff

Photo Credit: Leslie Kaminoff

Workshop 1: the Skeleton


Explore your Bones! Sense the different pathways of weight that are crucial in the alignment of a healthy skeleton. Your densest body structure provides you stability and protects your soft inner tissue. Know how to move your skeleton to establish body balance, so you may move with agility and ease. Create freedom through your re-mapping. 

Problems within the bones of your feet? Your hips? Your spine? Those bones need to find a different way of moving. Re-orient then towards alignment! Learn how to establish healthy function of your framework in this workshop.

  • Increase the mobility of your joints and the stability of your bones
  • Learn the anatomy of your skeleton and the relationship of its parts
  • Understand and get a felt sense for the makeup of your bone tissue
  • Establish balanced pathways of weight distribution in various planes of movement
  • Align the major bones of the body to create more freedom within the whole body structure.



 Photo: Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Photo: Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Workshop 2: the Organs


Our organs are the keystone to our health. These protected contents of the skeleton function for our innate survival, including maintenance of breath, nourishment and elimination. In yoga, organs support our postural tone and give volume to our movement. Once you can find them inside of yourself, you can relate them to the health of your whole body. Find balance within your organs and enliven their enliven their energetic pathways through movement.

  • Clarify where your organs are and establish their dimensionality
  • Analyze imbalances within the organs through posture and movement
  • Learn how to initiate breath, sound and movement from and into the organs
  • Feel the relationship of organs to your whole body to enliven their energetic pathways



 Artist: Alex Grey

Artist: Alex Grey

Workshop 3: Endocrine System


The endocrine system is comprised of glands and bodies that govern our hormonal function. This ally to the nervous system influences all of the cells of the body! It's healthy function keeps you relaxed. The endocrine system controls some of the most important processes of human life.

When we gain a feel sense of where these tiny bulbs of energy rest within the center of our bodies, we can turn them on and create depth of meditative awareness for whole body function. Explore where the key endocrine glands reside within your body, access that awareness through movement, and shift into a meditative state from that awareness.

  • Awaken subtle body processes that play a key role in the yogic chakra system
  • Learn what glands form the endocrine system and how they relate to each other
  • Increase the proper function of these glands and increase their vibrational tonace
  • Learn how to initiate mediative movement from the endocrine glands and cellular bodies.







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