Embodied Anatomy Workshop Series


Saturday Afternoons 1:30-4PM at Whole Sky Yoga


Explore key systems that make up the whole of your body. Starting at the dense space of Bone and moving inward to Organs, discover how the container of your body and its contents are in relationship. Gaining a feeling of these relationships is key for an integrated, conscious and whole Body Mind.

March 24th: Skeletal System

Explore your Bones! Sense the different pathways of weight that are principle in the alignment of a healthy skeleton. Feel the stability of your bones and the mobility of your joints to create freedom through the re-mapping.

Problems within the bones of your feet? Your hips? Your spine? Those bones need to find a different way of moving. Re-orient then towards alignment! Learn how to do that in this workshop.

April 7th: Organ System

Our organs are the keystone to our health. These protected contents of the skeleton function for our innate survival, including breathing, nourishment and elimination. Clarify where your organs are and how to relate them to your whole body. Find balance within your organs and enliven their enliven their energetic pathways through movement.