Embodied Flow™ Yoga

Embodied Flow™ is a unique system of movement art that fuses discoveries of various Hatha Yoga, Tantric Philosophy and Somatic Therapy traditions in order for its student to experience self inquiry through explorative action. The Embodied Flow™ Yoga facilitator supports students to find a deep sense of ease, strength and self connection while encouraged to be their own greatest teacher as they expand awareness of their entire Body-Mind. Embodied Flow™ was created by Tara Judelle and Dr. Scott Lyons.

In some styles of Hatha yoga, asana is the primary focus and the instructor is the means to know the asana. The student learns the asana from the teacher. In this way, the student does not actually have to be "present" and is considered a secondary agent of the practice. In Embodied Flow™, the innate wisdom of the student expresses itself through asana with the support of the teacher. In this way, the student is the primary catalyst of their own journey and is a crucial component of the practice.

Principles of Embodied Flow

The Body Is A Vehicle for Awakening.

The highest aim of yoga is to know "The Self". We may know The Self through practices that support us to stay present within every part that makes up who we are. Hatha yoga is a method for awakening body consciousness. The result of this type of practice is an enlivened being, where the Body and Mind are one. Within this state, the limited or false Self dissipates, and all possibilities become available to us.



We can practice yoga with strength in a relaxed manner. We may do this by feeling our body relax its weight into the ground while the surrounding atmosphere supports its levity. This balance within our relationship to space and gravity is called Yielding. Resistance to gravity creates rigidity. In contrast, we can feel overtaken and defeated by gravitational force. This physical struggle is reflected in our internal state. Yielding is a meta concept that defines how we enter a room and conversation, or relate to others and our environment. By yielding, we neither brace or harden against experience nor give up. When we successfully negotiate our relationship to the earth, there is equanimity and ease in our Body-Mind that effects the whole of our life experience. 


Pathways of Connectivity.

Feeling free within our Body-Mind is one of the strongest tools of yoga. The practice helps us create circumstances that support harmony. This process begins during infancy, when we develop a series of movements that support healthy growth. Each movement creates the foundation for more complex movements to come. Oftentimes healthy development becomes hindered, and blockages form in our body that remain as we age. We can re-explore healthy patterns of movement when given the opportunity. Similarly, when we free the mind, we can feel free in movement. Freeing our body-mind is the foundation of ancient energy based healing art systems including Traditional Thai Yoga Massage.  


Articulation and Integration. 

Developing awareness of our whole body, and also the subtle systems that comprise our body such as bones, glands or organs, allows us to feel the parts of ourselves connected to the whole. Articulation allows us to familiarize ourselves with the systems that make up who we are. As we explore each part of our Body, we must reconnect it to the bigger picture. Integration gives time and space for those parts to interact. Observing our parts in connection to our Whole can be brought to every aspect of life. Deepening reflection of how our beliefs, movements, thoughts, or attitudes help us find our True Self. We can identify areas that are in shadow and are thwarting access to overall well being. We can reflect on our growth to support the greater whole of our life. 


Flow is a Streaming of Moment to Moment Consciousness.

A primary outcome of yoga practice is presence. This is our birthright. Yet constant focus on the past or a preconceived future obstructs our ability to be present. When we observe how we scatter between the past and future, we can find a safe space for those parts of our self to release. When we can experience an uninterrupted continuation, or Flow, of thoughts, feelings and movement from one moment to the next, we fully arrive in this moment, and the next, and so on with presence-awareness.This ultimate streamline of consciousness is the clear expression of our being from pose to pose, moment to moment, and breath to breath.

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My Yoga Instruction

My classes fuse a refined anatomy and asana understanding based in my Ashtanga background with my current passion for Embodied Flow™ and its roots of Body Mind Centering and Tantric Philosophy. I am committed to bringing the core of yoga principles to life by way of yoga. Students of mine can expect a support for a practice of exploration and deepening of Self Awareness through movement. 

I am available for Group, Semi-Private and Private yoga instruction and workshops in NYC and the Mid Hudson Valley. 

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