Introduction to Herbal Beverage Crafting Class
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Introduction to Herbal Beverage Crafting Class

Join this inspirational event about brewing herbal beverages in your own home!

The process of home-brewing can at first seem overwhelming. However, crafting roasted, fermented, or infused beverages yourself is a surprisingly simple and absolutely delicious way take charge of your health in a real way. Just as you feel proud to cook a delicious meal and share it with your loved ones, you can do so with beverages, too!

Learn the hystory of herbal beverage preparation, from its grassroots homesteading tradition to current methods of mass production and distribution. Identify both traditional ingredients and standard modern flavor profiles. Learn about the long term health effects of our culturally acceptable beverages, including coffee, soda and alcohol. Learn simple strategies for incorporating herbal allies into your diet everyday, from your morning brew to your afternoon summer soda, to your evening cocktail or elixir. Identify places where you can instill deeper herbal nourishment in your own consumption on a daily basis, and get the ball rolling!



  • Want to broaden your palate and recipe crafting based on seasonal and local plants. 
  • Are a homebrewer wanting more information on fermentation hystory and flavor profiling options
  • Gave up coffee but still want depth of flavor in your mornings, without the jolt
  • Are seeking more creative culinary options for your regular personal enjoyment
  • Are seeking more nourishment for your endocrine, organ and nervous system health
  • Are pregnant, nursing, on medication or sober and craving tasty non-alcoholic drinking options
  • Want to wow your friends with crazy delicious beverages at your next social gathering
  • Are wanting to dive into herbal beverage crafting, but don't know where to start and are curious to know the basics

We will have tastings of herbal beverages available for tasting exploration with various flavor profiles, from flower to leaf to root infusions bases.

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