Yoni Steam Stool

Yoni Steam Stool


Thirteen of these Yoni Steaming Stools were constructed on our last Super Moon in October 2016. 

Made with with local Hudson Valley pine, stained with homemade black walnut dye and sealed with homemade olive beeswax salve. 

The saw mill process of cutting each piece of wood used for this product creates unique graining to each stool. Saw milled wood highlights the beauty of woodwork using small scale and non-industralized techniques. 

This stool is designed to cover a half gallon mason jar filled with herbal steam blend of choice. The stool doubles as a gorgeous end table or altar space when not in use for steaming.

Contact your local herbalist to design your own unique herbal steaming blend, or comprise yourself, if educated well on proper herbal allies to bring into your blend. Call in sustainably cultivated and/or wild harvested nutritive herbs for your steams. 


Yoni Steaming is a powerful way to connect and work with the energy within your pelvis. Yoni steaming is known to relieve stagnant conditions of the reproductive system, as well as nourish and tonify it's comprised tissues and glands. Yoni steaming is traditional to many ancient healing arts including Mayan, Chinese and Thai medicinal systems. Vaginal Steaming increases energy and attention to the womb space herbal properties are delivered through the soothing steam. Vaginal Steaming is an incredibly healing way to nourish and honor your root.

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