Prana Vayu Yoni Steaming Herbal Blend

Prana Vayu Yoni Steaming Herbal Blend

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Activate, Clear + Uplift

Available in 3 ounce (10-12 steams) and 1 ounce (2-4 steams) bags

Prana Vayu and Our Cycles

Energy streams through the Body in different directions so that every part is nourished with life force. Prana Vayu is a sanskrit term for an inward energy flow from the solar plexus to the throat governing the inhale breath. Prana Vayu is reflected in Earth cycles during Spring in the Northeast American Bioregion, when the Sun’s warmth awakens dormant seeds so they may sprout.

Prana Vayu: yoni steaming herbal blend contains cleansing properties that support the health of your Body during its own Spring season. Use Prana Vayu to revitalize pelvic tissue and promote cycle awareness as a whole.

Prana Vayu May Also Support:

  • womb awakening  

  • vitality increase    

  • post infection/surgical care    

  • postmynstrual care  

  • radical self love    

  • blood cleansing    

  • postpartum care                      

  • pelvic tissue strength

Preparation For Your Ceremony

Boil 64 oz filtered water and let cool slightly. Add ⅓ cup Prana Vayu and infuse several hours. Strain herbs and reheat infusion to a gentle steam. Pour infusion into a 64 oz mason jar and place inside your Selkie Botanica Yoni Steaming Stool.

Organic + Sustainably Harvested Herbs

Lemonbalm Leaf (melissa officinalis) Nettle Leaf (urtica dioica), Red Clover Flower (trifolium pratense), Calendula Flower (calendula officinalis)

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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA. Do not yoni steam if you are pregnant, mynstruating, have an IUD, open wounds, or active infection. Results may vary.