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on somaveda® thai yoga therapy

I am so grateful to have been working with Elizabeth. I have completed two therapeutic programs with different focuses. This kind of deep inner work takes time to do. In my case, she helped me revamp how my brain perceives certain things, consciously and subconsciously. Although she doesn’t call herself this, Elizabeth’s role in my life has been similar to that of a life coach. Her questions are clear and direct and they hit home, leaving me to sit with those questions for days after our meeting. Her toolkit for journaling and self-observation is vast and it was helpful for my metacognitive brain to work this way. Her knowledge of the body is incredible too; as is her knowledge in Ayurvedic tradition. Elizabeth’s knowledge of the body is also evident through her gift of Thai yoga, or Thai massage. After every body work session, I leave with more relaxed and open body. Lastly. her willingness to be open about her personal spiritual journey always made our meetings personable. I appreciate the reciprocal openness when working through uncomfortable habits or themes in my life. It makes me feel safe. Valid. Regardless of what part of my journey I was on, Elizabeth made sure to root for me and encourage me in a way that felt safe and loving. I have seen leaps of transformation in myself and am ready to go deeper into my own healing practice because of Elizabeth and her therapeutic programs.
— Raven Casey, Early Childhood Educator
Signing up for this series has been a uplifting and beautiful gift to myself. Having never done a retreat or anything like that, this feels like an added layer of deep personal work that I got to incorporate without traveling far. I felt supported and heard all along the way. Elizabeth was seriously down to work on the nitty gritty and never shying away from asking and digging into the deep shit. The shit we all have and maybe don’t wanna face. I’m wrapping up this program feeling grateful and inspired to have participated in such a dynamic and holistic program addressing my state of being on all planes of existence. If you are looking to step into your power and connect with yourself in the way that you want, this can help guide you there.
— Dina Kravtsov, Hospice Care R.N.
This entire experience had allowed me to take time for me. I needed to do it. My body is changing and as I reflect upon the seven session experience, I think about that first moment of the first session. I really had no idea what I was in for. What I did know was that I was going to take time for ME and no matter what, it was in the interest of my body and my mind.
— Geraldine Hughes, Actress
I have just completed a program of seven sessions with Elizabeth Gross. The Thai yoga (bodywork) she provided helped to greatly reduce areas of tension that I’d been experiencing for some time. I also found Elizabeth to be knowledgable in her practice of Ayurveda, and along with her attention to detail and intuition I found the program to be a comprehensive approach to health and well being. She is a competent practitioner and I highly recommend her work.
— Bruce Schneider, Chiropractor
Elizabeth is my Thai Yoga massage therapist, yoga teacher, and is an amazing yogini wise beyond her years. She breathes life into her bodywork and helped me transmute my pain body into a healing tool by educating me and encouaging me in using mindfulness practices. Her bodywork helped me to connect, uncover and release layers of blocked emotional pain stored in my physical being. I love how she supplements her practice with custom made creams and tinctures to further support the healing journey.
— Salwa Khouri, MD
I have completed two programs of Thai Yoga Massage with Elizabeth and I feel very lucky to have done so. For starters, the massage is wonderful. The consultations have been key in helping me develop tools for a healthier and more mindful self. For someone who enjoys holistic health care, Elizabeth is particularly perceptive in her diagnosis and suggestions for change that are obtainable and sustainable. I highly recommend her Thai Yoga Program or trying a single treatment.
— Joshua Baur, Private Chef

on somaveda® thai yoga trainings

Having Elizabeth as a teacher has gave me a more detailed understanding of what I should embody as a Thai Yoga Practitioner. Not only is she very knowledgeable about what she does, but extremely devoted to her practice. She has her own unique way of teaching that is clear and easy to understand, that will enable you to retain all that you learn so that you too can become a practitioner of Thai Yoga.
— R.B. Holistic Health Practitioner

I enjoyed very much learning from Elizabeth. She was very knowledgeable, concise, and straightforward in her instruction. I admired her composure and professional attitude, it was very inspiring. I hope to exemplify these qualities myself as a future instructor.
— M. R, LMT

I had the pleasure of training under Elizabeth in Florida during my CTP-1 SomaVeda® certification program. She is an extremely effective Thai Yoga teacher because of her calm and gentle nature. She is concise and corrects errors with gracious ease.
— Maureen Hughes, PhD

on embodied flow™ yoga instruction

Elizabeth’s yoga classes always seem to be exactly what I need, both spiritually and physically. Her classes have helped me stay grounded, challenged my body, and inspired my spirit. Her deep connection and gratitude toward the Earth are what makes her classes so special. The love she shares for the practice, and her skills to teach all levels, as well as her beautiful spirit are what make each session so inspiring!
— Rebecca Houser, EDUCATOR

I can feel Ellie’s dedication to herself, as a teacher, and in return the magnitude of the work itself. She’s helped me find a ‘homey’ place to rest in my body. When I first entered Ellie’s class, I remember a sweetness in the air. I felt held in her presence; that I had entered a safe field of exploration. I felt a breathe of freshness over my whole body system, as I was encouraged to explore internally, at my own pace.
— Samantha Defeo, YOGA instructor

I love Elizabeth’s classes. I can always be ‘me.’ No matter what kind of mood I am in, however I am feeling about myself, I always know that by the end of class I will feel better. She has an extremely kind soul and I trust her knowledge and level of care in yoga. I feel safe to practice at my own pace and am encouraged to be brave, to try new things and laugh when they don’t go as expected!
— Geraldine Hughes, ACTRESS