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From birth to death, we constantly experience transitional moments which shape our life's journey. Yet these moments often slip past our awareness, their stories left untold for future generations to learn from and expand upon.

Within ancestral times, Rites of Passage ceremonies were considered crucial for society to remain enriched, empowered and thriving. As traditional wisdom became lesser known, widespread silencing of empowered life staging took place. This is evident in the way countless people experience disempowered pregnancy, menstruation, menopause, and death. This way of relating to essential life stages contributes to widespread trauma and triggers which imprint our individual lives. Blinders show up in the ways we process any life transition: from a new job opportunity to the end of a relationship. Inability to approach and breakthrough opportunities for conscious evolution results, causing our lives and spiritual progression to stagnate. 

This has been the cultural norm... up until this point.

Reclaiming Rites of Passage for ourselves and our loved ones illuminates our being, allows us to participate in life to our fullest potential, and shapes the beautiful memories that create that our life experience.

Dharmawake services provide the groundwork for conscious Rites of Passage with compassionate guidance and deeply authentic support. Our services instill a relationship to the world around and within us as one, so we may find freedom to savor all that is available to us within this lifetime.

From Womyn's Health and Radical Self Care to Support for Conscious Transitions, Dharmawake services are designed for those who want to do their lives and the moments within them in a fully conscious way. No longer do we succumb to destructive practices by way of culturally normalized expectations and assumptions of how these times should be. Our programs and events evoke rich opportunities to celebrate the health and well being of all involved. These clear intentions and actions set the stage for wellness for the whole of our lives. 

Each one of us is capable of uncovering and incorporating ancestral wisdom into our modern reality in practical, embodied ways. Dharmawake services strive to bring a lightness of being into each one of us by way of this wisdom, so we remain empowered, grounded and deeply connected to life. 

This is our birthright.