Womyn’s Health +
Radical Self Care Program

7 WEEK JOURNEY: mid march - early may 2018

Learn time-tested tools for understanding and healing your whole body with a supportive community and compassionate guidance.


Let's face it- there is a lack of role models in the dominant culture for powerful wise womyn


We have all experienced fear around aging, negative body image and judgement towards other womyn. We all have experience with the standard American diet (aka The "SAD" Diet). Many of us struggle with the long term effects of these cultural shortcomings, including illness.

But somewhere inside... we all know there is another way.

How in line are your present actions with your intuition? What support do you need to step into your intuitive wisdom and self mastery?

It is time to cultivate our inner resources.

The ancestral wisdom of how to live sustainably and take care of our selves and our communities as womyn is known! You can know it too and share it with those you love.

There are simple solutions. 

Gain the tools to support yourself emotionally, physically and mentally. Be a part of the social evolution that is upon us now, established by the growing community of womyn committed to healthy living.

There is strength in community.

Community gathering is one of the most powerful actions any women can take. True healing is done with support. Learn from each other's experiences to make powerful life changes that matter. 

Why Womyn Choose This Program

  • You are craving more self care tools to support your physical, emotional and mental body 
  • You are a healthcare practitioner searching for holistic ways to help your clients health
  • You are craving a community of women to gather and develop healthy community with
  • You are a mother who want to teach your children how to live healthy, connected lives
  • You are ready to get unstuck from habits and patterns that no longer serve you
  • If you want to learn more about incorporating herbal medicine into your life
  • If you are coming off the Pill or an IUD and want to re-harmonize your cycle
  • If you are approaching or within menopause time and are seeking support 
  • You want to develop a healthy, loving relationship with your body
  • If you want to know how to yoni steam and what it is all about
  • If you are seeking more connection to the natural world
  • If you are seeking deeper connection with yourself


There are so many reasons why getting support to live holistically and mindfully as an embodied women is a powerful act. Ask yourself now, are you ready to dive in? If so, your opportunity has arrived.


RIGHTS OF PASSAGE + CEREMONY: Learn rituals to support yourself through every life phase

DEVELOPING SKILLSETS: Develop nutritional best practices for mental, emotional and physical health- including hormonal and sexual- via nutrient dense herbs + food

SOCIAL CHANGE: Celebrate coming together in community to practice + share, and bring those skills out into the world



This program is open to womyn of all ages, shapes, colors, spiritual and sexual orientations

Receive Guidance, Group Support + and Program-Only Access to Practice Videos and Writings

Daily journaling and weekly self care routines provide the groundwork for your personal growth, self-understanding and exploration throughout the duration of the program. By the end of this journey, you will have a great understanding of ancient and sacred ways to connect to your body on all levels.




  • Seven live group sessions (dates, times and locations listed below)

  • Recordings of each group session to review your growth throughout the program and beyond

  • Private online group with program participants to provide a forum for weekly support and experience sharing


  • Participant-only access to instructional videos, recipes, and writings detailing program information

  • Daily journaling exercises to keep you on track throughout your journey






Week Of March 19th - April 30th



Every Wednesday: March 21st - May 2nd

119 WEST 57TH ST, SUITE 1100

NEW YORK, NY 10019


Every Friday: March 23rd - May 4th

35 North Front Street

Kingston, NY 12301



The Curriculum


Week 1: Orienting for your Journey + Charting Your Cycle

spring equinox: 3/18-3/24

How you experience each right of your passage (birth, menarche, menopause and death) influences your whole life, including your future generations. Learn about "Four Phase Feminine Way" (Maiden/Mother/Maga/Crone) and how they relate to the Earth’s seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each phase is a storehouse of information about your body and life experience. Learn methods to chart your cycles for hormonal and emotional awareness at any stage of your life you are in. Make cycle awareness a sustainable practice for the entirety of your life.

Week 2: Breast and Lymphatic Health / Abhyanga Self Healing Massage 

full Moon phase: 3/25-3/31

The health of your lymphatic system is inextricably linked to the health of your whole body, and requires movement in order to function. When lymph becomes stagnant, especially within the breasts and abdomen, it can cause serious health issues over time. Learn self care techniques traditional to Classical Indian Ayurveda for lymphatic health. We will cover what oils and herbs to utilize based for your unique constitution, as well as methods for de-stagnating tissue. Touching your own body in a healing way is a truly radical self love practice and powerful method for promoting your own health.


Week 3: Nutrient Density for Hormone Attunement

last Quarter moon phase: 4/1 - 4/7

The way you eat is crucial to how you feel. Most modern food preparations are for suited for convenience rather then optimal health. Let's change that, beginning inside our own kitchens! Learn essential and traditional whole foods preparations to nourish and balance your endocrine system, digestion, and emotional wellness. Learn ways to eat now to prevent physical degeneration in the future. Dive into what it truly means to eat mindfully and ways to practice the "slow food" mindset. Harmonize food choices with the season you are in as well as your unique constitution. 


Week 4: Red Tent / Consciousness Raising Circle

new Moon phase: 4/8 - 4/14

Have you ever noticed your menses tends to sync with womyn who you are often surrounded by? Womyn inside matriarchal, prehistoric (before 10,000BC) cultures acknowledged this rhythm and gathered together in a literal Red Tent to bond, share stories and connect as womyn during this sacred time. This ritual can re-occur in a modern, culturally applicable way as a powerful tool for sharing vulnerable experience inside a safe container. This session will provide that container, thereby deepening our connection with each other as womyn holding a shared experience. Learn ways to bring this practice into your communities back home, including seasonal songs, altar items and foods to incorporate into your ritual. 


Week 5: Emotional Freedom Techniques

first Quarter moon phase: 4/15 - 4/21

Negative emotions are stored in the physical tissue and need a way out. This week will detail the Emotional Freedom Technique ("Tapping"), a modern technique with roots in Traditional Thai Ayurveda. This method is one you can do every day to re-pattern and release negative emotions from your body. EFT is an extremely helpful to process emotionally intense experiences throughout and beyond this program.


Week 6: Pelvic Health / Yoni Steaming

full Moon phase: 4/22 - 4/28

Our orifices (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, anus and vagina) are portals to absorb and release nutrients and toxins from the body. Lesser known self care healing practices are by way of the vagina. Learn techniques for pelvic health via traditional Eastern healing arts practices to strengthen, soothe, balance and tone your pelvic tissue. We will cover when and how to implement healing rituals for for pelvic health for balancing and whole self healing: emotionally, physically and energetically. 


Week 7: Integration

last Quarter moon phase: 4/29 - 5/5

We have explored so much together! This week will bring closure to our journey. Gain the support you need to continue your own journey with ease and certainty. Integrate all you have learned into a oneness of being and radical self care for the rest of your life. 


In order to keep these groups intimate, space is limited to 7 participants per location.

Elizabeth’s knowledge seems boundless; there is nothing quite like experiencing a teacher/healer who is so profoundly passionately ‘made’ for this work. Seven weeks flew by. The amount of important info is huge. Im amazed at Elizabeth’s deep commitment to impart us with tools for self care. Fortunately, I have my notes to refer to and savor again and again. I feel blessed to have been in this group. Fabulous.
— rosalie frankle, visual artist

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